LivelY FridayZ is a great platform for emerging artists to get exposure, network with other artists, collaborate with other artists and free promotion opportunity on Spotify/YouTube is a great way to get their music heard by more people and hopefully help them to achieve their goals and reach a wider audience than their fans. 

Artists who are featured on LivelY FridayZ will be very please to know we take every promotion seriously and we put the artists first. 

Whether you are a emerging artist or a establish artist. 

Here are some tips to make sure your promotion goes smoothly. 

For artists who are being featured on LivelY FridayZ:

* Make sure your music is high quality and well-mastered 

* Have a online presence on social media, biography, (website optional).

* Be ready for a on interview. 

* A thirty seconds video drop letting people know who you are and mention of LivelY FridayZ. 

* Submit your music, the YouTube link to video and Spotify link to LivelY Fridayz through our email 

We wish all the artists who are featured on LivelY FridayZ the best of blessings!

LivelY FridayZ  “celebrates and promotes artists, DJs, dancers, producers, and talents from around the globe to entertain you the fans who are passionate about music.

“Follow us and join the global family."